Hello, I'm Misha Cunningham. I am looking for UK property to buy or long term rent.

Who I am

A property investor based "up North" focussed on building a portfolio of managed & owned properties.

What I do

I help with property problems. Whether you want to sell or put more money in your pocket.

Google Digital Garage

3 Years Experience

Business Owner & Entrepreneur

7 Years Experience

In-House Social Enterprises

5 Years Experience

My Only Interest is Win-Win Agreements

All my life

Let's work together and make a positive change

A new idea of Property Rental

– Guaranteed rental income regardless of occupancy
– Long term peace of mind with 3 or 5 year deals
– Fully inclusive of land maintenance and cosmetic repairs
Just one – Major or structural works are your duty

You get paid regardless of voids (if the house is empty) and we even cover all the bills.

As part of the agreement, at the end of the term you get your property back in the same condition or better.

Plus, I have a limited number of initial investment packages available to refurbish your property and bring it up to the required standard. subject to approval.

As a landlord, you’ll get professional property management without any fees. In fact, considering all cosmetic repairs are covered on your behalf you often end up putting more money in your pocket each month, without the hassle of dealing with tenants.

Perfect for portfolio landlords who want to offload their tenant management overnight. First time buy-to-let owners who are still working a full time job and accidental landlords who like the idea of renting but don’t want the accompanying stress. 

Guaranteed rent and your property back in the same condition or better

Whether you’re an accidental landlord due to death and bereavement, are tired of the hassle of managing tenants or simply want to generate cash from your property without ongoing agent and maintenance fees. 

Single Lets

1 to 2 bedroom houses

I typically place single working professionals who are in the area on long-term working contracts of 12 to 24 months. Such as civil engineers, doctors and foreign skilled workers.

Large Houses

3 to 5 bedroom houses

After assessing for suitability typically I would place a small family who are relocating into the area or pay for the required refurbishment to house few working professionals.

Licenced HMO’s

HMO's and guest houses

Licenced HMO’s and guesthouses are reviewed for suitability on a case by case basis. With a refurbishment budget available to perform necessary upgrades.

Subject to discussion

Commercial Property

Is your commercial building empty or you wish for it to work harder for you? 

I may be able to help, use the link below to book a viewing at a suitable time.

Rental Income received
Bills and/or repair & maintenance
Agent and Letting Fees
Empty and unoccupied periods

I buy houses by connecting sellers with savvy investors

Creating win-win scenarios is what I live for. And there is none more sweeter than connecting someone who really wants to sell their property fast, to someone who has investment funds sat there ready to go.

Sell your house fast

With no reliance on chains, finance being approved or slow legals looking to drag the process out. I can help you sell your house extremely quickly, and often we can go from agreement to completion in a matter of days.

Money that works harder

You don’t need me to tell you about the dangers of inflation. So let’s get straight to it, and have a chat about how I can facilitate returns in excess of 10% and potential opportunities for “no money left in” deals.

Some of my achievements I'm proud of

I haven’t always been in property, however, throughout my career one thing remained constant. I want to serve those around me and make my impact on this planet by helping as many people as possible.

This has led me to work on some fantastic projects including the Google Digital Garage, Essential Wellness, Xune Solutions, EV ChargePoint installations and many many more.

Property Problem Solver

I provide everyone who I work with tailored advice.

Only Win-Win Agreements

Let's start by first focusing on what you want to achieve.

Sound good? Let's have a chat

Book a viewing of your property and let’s use the opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve .

Good feedback from people I've worked with

I would like to give a big shout out to Misha and team for helping me to find a way to do something with the house I inherited after our mum passed from Covid. Now it's not a drain and it's given us some breathing space to grieve properly.
2 bed end terrace, West Yorkshire
I don't have the time to be a landlord and this gets me an income over my mortgage without having to deal with it.
3 bedroom semi-detached, South Yorkshire
Best part about this is the lack of agent fees and maintenance costs. I'm actually receiving more than I did when I was renting through a letting company.
5 house portfolio, South Yorkshire
Great service, was agreed quickly and the new carpets which Misha paid for have already been fitted. Glad I don't have to think about what to do with the house for another 5 years.
4 bedroom detached, West Yorkshire

Special prices that I offer

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Basic Package

For Small Project


Per project

Medium Package

For Medium Project


Per project

Expert Package

For Big Project


Per project

Also read the article I wrote

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